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Mokioo AI Smart Glasses w/Hands-Free Video

  • Innovative AR Smart Glasses – A smarter, more effective way to connect to things that matter, you can capture pictures and videos in HD 720P with the 8MP camera and share them via Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms seamlessly.
  • Touch and Voice Control – Using a simple slide touch or active voice control, you can enjoy hands-free calling, listen to music, and share live conferences or activities without needing to be connected to cords.



  • Expansive Playback Time and Versatility – Each of our smart eyeglasses offer 180 minutes of video recording time and up to 72 hours of standby time. They also support Android and iOS devices like Samsung Galaxy and iPhone.
  • Fast, Seamless Storage and Access – Designed with a dual-core 1.2 GHz processer, 512 MB of DDR, and 8 GB of memory, these smartphone glasses react faster and give you more control to record every moment quickly and easily.
  • Comfortable, Stylish Design – Perfect for men and women, these wraparound sunglasses also help protect your eyes from the sun and come in a wide range of colors to better match your unique personality.

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