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Portable UV Light Sanitizer Wand

This UV light is really effective at eliminating 99.99% of common pathogens by 9 superb UV-C light beads with wavelength from 270 to 280nm. Slowly move the light 1 inch over the objects for about 10-20 seconds, disinfection is simply done. Repeating it for two or three times results in better sterilization effect

No ozone or mercury is frequently used for sterilizing personal necessities during the trip such as phones, seats, keyboards, laptops, toothbrushes, pillows, clothes, kitchens and it also fits for disinfecting at public places like lavatory covers, office supplies, car interiors, and etc

14″ high and 1″ wide, this portable UV light is easily taken via hand bag or barrack bag. A built-in 2000mAh USB rechargable battery can last two days without charging which is quite energy saving

 Our ultraviolet light has obtained the certifications of CE, FCC and RoHS. Equipping with 9 high-class UV-C beads which were tested to last over ten thousand hours/two thousand times use, this LED UV light is durable enough for frequent/daily usage

No ozone or mercury material used, providing this environmentally friendly ultraviolet light, we heartfully wish you an easeful back to the normal life, you also have our promise to provide best products and services

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